Grand Final

Well today is game day!! Hawthorn vs Sydney……
But to be honest I don’t care!! I don’t really like football and if it was up to me I wouldn’t even watch the game!
But the boyfriend invited me to his dads place to have a BBQ and being with him will make watching the game enjoyable.
But I think I should pay a little bit of attention to the game and learn some of the rules since the bf does play football and I’m gunna be watching him next year so knowing the rules would help!!

Go Swans!!!

My mornings

My mornings always consist of the usual struggle to get out of bed, have breakfast and shower and get dressed. But when I’m in my room doing my hair or getting dressed my little boy is always sitting on the bed keeping me company.


This is him this morning under my blankets keeping warm whilst his mum (me) gets ready. It always makes me smile having him next to me, I love him with all my heart xx

New Dress!!!

So i went to Kmart today looking for a pair of shoes to go with a dress i am wearing to my Soccer presentation and i ended up leaving with this cute little blue dress that i found for $15!!! 

It is so cute and perfect for the hot weather!! And who says you have to spend alot of money to get something cute!!! all i need to do is add a belt and it will be perfect!


There it is!! my cute little dress (sorry for the poor quality photo)

Always wanted to!!

Haven’t you always wanted to wear trackies to work just so that you can be comfortable instead of wearing your nice skirt and shirt to be dressed all corporate like……..

Well today I actually get to wear trackies to work!! It’s stupid but something I have always wanted tot do and today I get to do it!! Yay lol

Our whole system will be offline today so were doing simple duties and then going out for lunch!!

man I love my job!!