Presentation Night

Well the other night was my Soccer Presentation night and let me tell you it was a night I wouldn’t forget!!!

Let me start with a few of the good memories! Well firstly I got to wear a stunning dress that my boyfriend chose and bought for me! I got to see him dressed in nice suit pants and a black shirt! This was kind of only the second time we have been both dressed up really nice and I finally got a photo of us (I just have to get it off the guy who took it). It was so good to see my girls again I hadn’t seen them since the season ended which im really bummed 😦 but a few of them said we needed to catch up more so hopefully I shall see them more!

Everyone in the team got given a trophy for participating and we also got a medal for finishing Second on the ladder, would have been first but a stupid team beat us by like 2 points, long story behind that!! Apart from that we had the golden boot (I will never win as i am a defender, but I have scored before!) we had MVP ( most valuable player), that went to a girl who only started playing this year and she is AMAZING!! The next award was Coaches award which went to a new girl too, she had improved so much throughout the season and never complained about a thing! Then we had the Best and Fairest awards, the girl who won MVP won that too but guess who was the Runner up!!!!!????


ME!!! Thats right I won Runner up Best and Fairest!! and I was not expecting it at all!! I wasnt even paying that much attention when my coach read out my name I was so shocked!!

I still can’t believe it and I have such a smile on my face! Even telling the guys at work im so happy 🙂 usually I hate being the person going I did this and I did that but today I cant help it!!


Runner Up Best & Fairest Win


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