There are so many temptations at my work in regards to junk food and the other day my boss brought in a container full of Maltesers and I have not been able to stop eating them! They are so darn addictive and I need help to stop eating them!!

I am trying to be healthy and eat my carrots and dip but they are sitting there just calling my name…. calling me over…. telling me to EAT THEM!!! 😦

I know once I have them I will feel horrible afterwards and just wait for the pimples to pop right on up and make me feel even more miserable 😦

Sometimes it is hard to be strong when there are so many temptations around me, I have been strong for most days but there are some that you just need that small taste of chocolate to make yourself feel better, but the thing is its only a short time that it will make you feel better and a long time it will make you regret it.

So even though I have the above mindset I still struggle with the temptations!!

I cant stop myself sometimes


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