Why do you Blog??

This is the question I have been wondering for a while now….. Why do people Blog? Why do I Blog?

Well I can surely tell you why I blog but as to why others do it I have several thoughts as to why but I mean I guess I wont really know unless you tell me…

The reason I do this, the reason I write all these things whether they be small and insignificant and very meaningful is well to vent or to just have the ability to put it out there. Some of the things I write  do not want to tell the people in my life because I don’t want it to be about me or I don’t want to bore them with things that they will think are silly and insignificant. Sometimes I feel that I am pestering them with my life and my problems that’s why I like to come here and write about it, and if I have someone like the post or follow me then I think wow someone actually wants to take the time to learn or read about my life and it honestly makes me smile 🙂

So the question is, why do you blog? Are you someone who wants to share your life experiences with others or are you mad about Fashion and want to show others the new trends or your own individual trends, do you love make up and want to show people your amazing skills and what you can do to transform someone into an amazing piece of art! Do you love sports and the outdoors and want to show people your favourite teams or show them the great outdoors and what they are missing by reading your blog! Or do you simply want people to know about you and who you are, how you are going in life and the journey you are taking to reach your goals….. or are you doing it to get popular?? Because you think that you are better than others and you want to rub it in their faces that this is who you are and this is how much better you are then them.

To be honest I really don’t like those who are simply interested in the likes, the views and the followers they get, they think the more they get then the better they are than you and if you don’t have followers than you’re a looser or you must be boring or insignificant if people do not wish to follow you. These people bug me, these people who constantly state how many likes they have received….. It shouldnt be about the likes and the followers it should be about wanting to express yourself and share yourself with people for the right reasons.

Anyway these have been my thoughts running through my mind and I had to share and I hope maybe you will let me know why you blog?

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