That Horrible Feeling

You know that feeling you get when you know something is wrong and you feel so sick to your stomach that you want to be physically sick? Well I have that feeling right now……

The only problem is that I could be totally imagining it… which is most likely the case… But until I know for sure how do I stop this feeling?
Why do I worry about something that could be all in my imagination?

Why do people have thoughts that make them feel so sick when there could be no reason what so ever to feel this way?

This will be on my mind until I find an answer…. But I don’t know how to find the answer…. There is no easy way to find it….. The only way will cause chaos for people and that’s not something I want to do… I would prefer to have this feeling for the rest of my life than cause chaos for others… I’d hate to have them feel the way I do…..

5 thoughts on “That Horrible Feeling

  1. If there’s no specific object of these feelings (e.g. a boyfriend you suspect is cheating), it’s unusual.

    But if there is a specific something that you’re having concerns about, in my experience (as I have also experienced this), there’s a reason for it. Not necessarily that you’re correct (but again, in my experience it’s usually accurate), but that you or your subconscious or whatever you want to call it has sufficient reason to doubt or worry or whatever.

    The best thing to do is commit to proving yourself wrong – and one way or another, you’ll figure out the (most likely) truth of the matter and can react accordingly.

    • There is a specific reason behind it, its not just a random feeling and I think you are totally right for me to prove it wrong, I know iv been thinking about it a fair bit and logically there is no reason for this feeling but I suppose I should dig a little deeper and find more reasons to settle this feeling and rid it for good!

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