A Special Day

Well I don’t usually talk about this side of my life as my boyfriend isn’t one for everyone knowing our business but today i feel that i have to mention something…

Today is mine and my boyfriend’s 2 year anniversary 🙂 🙂 Well to be honest it is our 2 year on and off anniversary.. yes we did have a break at the start of the year but we ended up finding our way back together and i believe that having the break made us both realize how much we mean to each other and what a mistake it was we made when we split.

We were never too far from each other when we split, I was still seeing him every week and we were talking a fair bit and I honestly never stopped loving him so I am very glad that we ended up working things out 🙂

Anyways so yeah today is our 2 year anniversary and I get to spend it with him and his family watching the Melbourne cup! To be honest I couldn’t give a f*** what we did today as long as we spend the day together and that’s all that I want!

To be honest i don’t really know why I am writing this I mean I have nothing else to say apart from its our anniversary! but I think I am just so happy that I had to tell anyone that today was a special day for me, one I am sure I will enjoy so much and I cannot wait for him to pick me up so we can have a wonderful day!

Love Him xx

2 thoughts on “A Special Day

  1. Congrats! 😀
    I’m so glad you and your boyfriend were able to work things out. And you’re so cute, being so happily in love that you just have to tell us 😀 I hope you had an amazing day dearest! :Dx

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