The Craftsman Within

I have never been much of a crafty person, well not actually doing projects but I have always liked or wanted to do some crafty things but have never done them and honestly I don’t know why! So I have decided that I want to actually attempt some DIY crafts!

My first attempt is going to be this bracelet I saw done by Marryl All White, it’s a suede bracelet with charms intertwined. Although mine will be black with different charms the principle is the same!

I have ordered all that I need off eBay and they were reasonable priced, I mean I did look for the items in Australia so they could be delivered within a week and then next time I can get more from China but they take longer but are cheaper!

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have all the materials and then I can get started on my first ever DIY Bracelet!!

I do want to try some other crafty things so if anyone has any suggestions for crafts for beginners please let me know 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Craftsman Within

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