Why so Expensive?

This morning I did what I usually do.. get ready for work, and I even had time to straighten my hair which I usually have to plan to leave time to do. Well I though all had went well this morning and I got in my car and drove off and half way to work I realise something…. I realise I have forgotten to do something this morning, something I do every single morning of my life… I forgot to put deodorant on. I mean how could I be so stupid! And of course me being me I need to stop and get some before work otherwise I will worry and cause me to sweat 10 times more than usual!!

So I stopped into the closest service station as there was not many shops around and guess how much the little bottle below cost me??????

Expensive piece of s***

It cost me $6.25 for this tiny as little bottle… my usual 350ml or whatever normal size bottle only costs me $3.50!! How the hell can they charge so much for a tiny little bottle! It is so unfair 😦

Rant over 🙂


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