The Child Within

On Friday night the boyfriend and I ventured out to the shops to pick up a few things for the house and we eventually found ourselves in Target in the toy section looking at Nerf Guns!! Now this was not on our list of things to buy but the child within us kept telling us that we had to buy these toys and go home and start attacking each other and our house mate!

Being the big child that my boyfriend is he went for the biggest gun with the most amount of ammo and made sure that he bought the extra cartridges to fill the bloody thing! Me being me went for a gun that was easy to shoot and reload, and me also being the nice one decided that we should get a gun for our house mate too so that he would be totally defenseless! We did get him a gun…. it may have been a tiny one but we still thought of him 🙂

That night saw us have our first Nerf war! And let me tell you it was so much fun! Especially when the house mate and I turned on my boyfriend when he was frantically trying to re-load his gun which takes forever!

Throughout the entire weekend we had many little wars that I must say were so enjoyable! Except when you get shot in the head at close range…. not so enjoyable 😦

So to all the big kids out there I suggest going out and investing in a Nerf gun and believe me you will have hours of fun!

This means WAR!!


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