Getting Back into Fitness…. Again!!

So who out there is like me and goes through stages where  you love fitness and exercise and then it all slowly dies away and you don’t do it for a while and then all of a sudden its like ‘OMG I love fitness!!’ Well that is me at times 🙂 I did get majorly into it not long ago and as a result I dropped a few kg which I was very pleased about 🙂 but the only problem I have is that I get bored very easily doing the same thing over and over! The only equipment I have is a treadmill which after a while I get so bored with running and it’s housed in a bedroom which has little motivational atmosphere and then I try to listen to music to make it better but I have yet to buy a holder for my iPhone so at the moment I sit it on the bed so I can’t blast the music like I want. 

Now all that sounds like stupid excuses now doesn’t it? Well I totally agree, that is why I am working on getting back into my fitness now that I am moved out of home so hopefully I wont be completely unfit next year when my soccer season comes around! So what have I done to get myself back in the scheme of things…. well for starters I have bought myself some new gear to wear, chose my favourite colour to help with the motivation 🙂

And if that’s not enough I also bought something I have wanted in a while, something that can help me to alternate from treadmill and running my ass off toooo….. Riding!!!!

Bring on the Fitness!!!

Thats right I bought myself a Spin Bike from Life Span Fitness (good prices) something I have wanted to get as I do enjoy riding and I think this will help with my fitness and then I can alternate between this and running and of course going down to the local soccer pitch which is only a few minute walk from my house!!

So to recap my aim is to get fit and get a lean mean body ( well better than what I have now, which I am told aint too bad). So hopefully when I pick up my new bad boy either today or tomorrow I can start a new regime and hopefully keep you all updated.

3 thoughts on “Getting Back into Fitness…. Again!!

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