Crafty Attempt Number 1

Previously I have posted about being more of a crafty person and how I wanted to try to make a bracelet and see how I liked it and if that was what I wanted to do in my spare time. Well yesterday I finally had all (I should say most) of the materials I needed and the time to sit down and have a go!

At first I looked at everything and thought to myself…. ummmm how the hell am I going to do this! This is so not me! Well I figured I had to give it a shot or I would have wasted this money and ultimately failed without even trying, which I don’t believe is good!

So I had two attempts, the first of course did not come out the best but I did love just mucking around and playing with everything and in the end I did get a bracelet out of it, I just had no way to tie it together! These things are all about making mistakes and I will learn from this one!! 

First Bracelet

As you can see above I used pearls which I think actually look really nice and I really don’t mind the bracelet but yeah no way to tie it 😦 But then I attempted another one!!

This time is used a suede material instead of leather cord I used for the above mentioned bracelet. I also used some clasps so that I will actually be able to tie it or close it once I was down 🙂

I went with a simple braid and inserted two love charms that I got on eBay and then braided it and clamped off the end and added a lobster clasp to be able to close it and I absolutely LOVE this one!

Love Bracelet

Now I know it is not the best and the braiding near one of the ends aint too tight but I truly do love the attempt I made! It did make me very happy and had me showing it off to my boyfriend and housemate and made me feel amazing!

I’m nowhere near the capability of many DIY craftsman out there so I am not even going to bother with posting steps or anything like that as I am totally not ready for that! I do wish to search around and find another bracelet I can attempt (one with pears as I have plenty left). If anyone knows a good yet simple bracelet they like please let me know so I can attempt it 🙂


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