Time to Ride my Bike

In a previous post I wrote about getting back into fitness and how I had bought a new Exercise Bike which I figured I should update you all on!

Between myself, my boyfriend and our housemate we managed to set up the bike on the weekend. I must admit I wanted to do it all by myself but as soon as I read the instructions I had to ask for help! I’m not very good when it comes to putting things together…. especially if I have to use it! I want it to be as stable as possible!!

So after a little help from the boys we managed to set it up! Now unfortunately I do not have a picture 😦  I keep forgetting to take one and I feel like an idiot for not taking one 😦 but there will be plenty of times I can take a pic and show you what it is like!

We all jumped on the bike (in turns of course) once it was up and when it was my turn I had a nice 10 minute ride whilst talking to my housemate and I quite enjoyed it! The next morning whilst the boys where out I put on my gear and jumped on the bike for a more serious work out and let me tell you what I learned………. I have shithouse leg strength!!! I could not believe how much my strength had deteriorated since I stopped soccer and I will be honest I wanted to cry 😦

I knew my leg strength was not the greatest but i must admit that it is now shocking 😦 So I have decided I have to come up with a fitness routine to increase my leg strength which I am hoping will increase my kick and maybe let me run for longer without feeling a massive burning sensation!

If you work hard you can play hard

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