Needs vs Wants

OMG I saw this totally cute pair of shoes that I totally and utterly need like OMG I need them right now!!!

Is this you?? Is this what you are saying you need?? Well I can tell you that I certainly find myself saying that I need new cloths or new shoes or a new gadget but the truth is… I don’t need them, I just really and I mean really WANT them!!!

 This is something I am having to constantly work on, debating with myself if I actually need something or if it is more of a want. Is this happening to you? I am certain I am not the only one out there!! I can tell you that having recently moved out I am having to do a lot more thinking about my needs and wants. Like do I really need that new bag or do I really need to pay rent!!! Umm I think the logical answer there is shoes lol no rent!!!

This last week or so has definitely been testing me there was so many sales on and all I wanted to do was take a little out of my savings and go buy myself something pretty!! But then I remembered the almost $700 car service I just had to pay and the rent that because of that service I will struggle to pay and all the other lovely things that come with moving out!!

 I certainly think moving out has made me grow in many ways and one of those ways is the needs and wants factor, so I say to you, before you go to buy something think long and hard about if you actually need it, if you buy it will it mean you will struggle that week or have to go without something that you actually need… unfortunately this is what you have to think about not only when you move out but when you grow up!!

 So tell me, what wants have you put over your needs??

p.s. all pics are from I love their site!! 🙂 remember need or want!!


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