More than a little Crafty!

I had another attempt at DIY bracelets the other day and let me tell you I had a ball!!! I ordered all the things I needed online through eBay (through an Aus store) ans sat down to get to work!! I ended up making 3 bracelets which all are very simple and soon I hope to move onto a different style and branch out a bit!

Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

The one above was made with charms that came for free!! The person that I bought my other things from included them in with a little lolly for me which I thought was so kind and sweet!! The band itself is made from a leather cord and all I did was simply braid it and add the charms in and finished it off with the clamp and lobster clasp. So this is very simple and I seem to be a pro at these! ( they are really not that hard at all)

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

The one above is one I totally love!! it is so simple yet I believe so pretty!! All I literally did with this was thread the pearls onto some wire that I had, added an extender chain and normal lobster clasp and that was it!! I made this one so that I could wrap it about four times around my wrist!! It’s so simple yet so stunning I believe! 🙂

Bracelete 1

The last one I like but want to edit a bit, I used the same leather cord that I had used in the first one and again I used a simple braid but added in the multicoloured beads. To tie it off i simple tied a knot and in the knot I added the jump ring and extender chain but I am considering changing it so that i put a clasp on the end as I believe that would look a whole lot better!!

But that’s the thing with being new to something, you experiment and keep trying and trying untill you find a way that works for you and then once you have found that way everything will end up turning out absolutely amazing!!

The next DIY bracelet I wish to attempt is one with an elastic band and maybe try make one of the more current bracelets, so my aim is to find some funky charms and start experimenting!


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