Re-starting Fitness AGAIN!

A little while ago I posted about getting back into fitness (found here) and I have to say that I completely failed at that attempt 😦 I had every intention to jump on my new exercise bike at least 4 times a week and get going on the whole fitness thing…. but unfortunately I just have not had the time 😦 and I know that is a totally poor excuse on my part and honestly I feel like crap 😦

A lot of the times I got up that half an hour earlier ready to jump on my bike but then I noticed things like the dishes needed to be done or the clothes need to be bought in or the floor needs to be swept/mopped and this happen several mornings and when I get home from work I am too exhausted to even think about exercising! So they are my lame as excuses as to why I am having to restart the whole getting back into fitness thing again!

My aim (again) now is to jump on my bike in the morning and start peddling for even a short amount of time just to ease myself back into the mix. I have set myself a few goals to beat or I should say I have set myself some standards that if I do not get to a certain distance then I just keep peddling otherwise I would honestly feel pathetic! I have to learn to keep pushing myself past the point of where my mind thinks your tired so stop! Does anyone else feel like that? I always need to push myself past that point and there are some days when I honestly cannot do it and then I stop and feel horrible for not continuing. But then I have those days where I push myself and its like wow I did just do this… wow I feel good!

So that is my aim! to push past the pain, push past that barrier (and the stupid excuses) and get on my bike and peddle my little heart away!

Get on you Bike!

Get on you Bike!

Apart from getting back on my bike I have also decided to Map out a little jogging route for myself to switch up from the bike from time to time incase I get a little too bored of the same thing. I simply jumped on google and looked at the area around my house and found a nice little track that would work perfectly! Now I know I am not a long distance runner so I have made sure to map out 3 or 4 routes that slowly increase in distance and hope that I can at least jog the smallest one and then who knows maybe I can even end up jogging the longest distance, but for now I will not get my hopes up, I will set my self small goals to try to beat as I believe that is the best way of doing it.

So hopefully I will be able to keep you updated with my fitness and this time I can tell you how good I am doing not about all the lame excuses  have.


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