Christmas is just around the Corner!!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!

I think we all know that Christmas is just around the corner and I honestly could not believe how quick this year has gone!! It has all come around so fast that I am so unprepared for it this year 😦 being in a new house we don’t have a tree yet or any decorations so it really doe not feel like Christmas to me when I am at home. I cannot wait to go up to my parents house this weekend and either a) see the beautiful tree they put up or b) put up the christmas tree!!

This year being my first Christmas away from home I have been struggling with what to get my family members since I have a very very limited budget unfortunately. I have managed to get a few gifts here and there but there are still quite a few that I need to get and I would rather do it now than leaving it to the last-minute and have to make a mad rush with the massive crowds!!!

One thing I am struggling to decide on is what I want for Christmas! Usually I have a list for everyone to choose from (which they love as it means it makes things easier for them!) but this year I don’t have anything I want or i should say there is nothing that I want that is in people’s price range!! For some strange reason this year all the things I want come with a massive price tag!!

So lets see what I want………..

  1. A tall boy for my room!! The really nice ones I want are around $400!!! (I would never ask someone to spend that much on me)
  2. A camera! I used on of my friends at presentation night and fell in love with it!! I do have my own camera and I know if I got this one I would never use it so it is a mega want more than need!!!
  3. A Husky!!!! this is a big wish of mine that I know no one will get me but I love Husky’s and I want one :p

Ummmm yeah that’s about it!! I don’t want shoes or clothes…. ok well I do want that lol but I have to go shopping with them to get all that and I want a surprise!!!!!

So what do you want for Christmas? Have you written your list yet? Have you done all your shopping and are now stress free? (if so I envy you!!)

I Love Christmas!!

I Love Christmas!!


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