Christmas is so close!!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I posted previous in Christmas is just around the Corner about having not bought all my Christmas presents and not having a tree and well I have a good update for you all!!

Well lets start on the no Christmas tree first… We now have one!! yay!! Now I didn’t take a photo of it as it is a very small tree, smaller than I have ever had but it still looks so cute to me 🙂 My boyfriend’s Mum actually gave it to me on Sunday night when I mentioned not having one and she said it was all ours as she had no need for it this year. I was super excited to set it up (even though it only took 5 minutes) and even though it is small I think it is totally cute!! The only problem I seem to have is that my cat keeps trying to play with the baubles and keeps knocking them off the tree! Silly kitty :p

Now onto the presents! I have managed to buy for everyone in my family except on of my brothers who is the hardest to choose from so I asked him what he wanted…… I am still waiting on a reply (great brother!) Apart form that my family is done and know it is the Boyfriends family we need to concentrate on which if he had of given me idea I would have gotten them all on the weekend! But oh well looks like there will be more shopping done this weekend! And it is the last weekend we have as the following weekend (the 22nd) we are seeing them for Christmas lunch!

I have also come up with some more ideas as to what I want for Christmas!!

  • I would like a beautiful clock for our house
  • Beads and what not to create bracelets!

and……… that’s it 😦 not much I know! but oh well, I guess I am not too greedy this year :p

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