I have never met someone so disrespecting in my entire life…

There is a client at my work who is very open and will speak his mind to you, normally I don’t mind it I think it is good in a person but toady well today he just bugged me up the wall 😦

Wednesday mornings are when my boss does the pays and he and the accounts girl are not to be interrupted so no calls get through. This client called and as always he says he doesn’t care what my boss is doing he will stay on hold for him… I try to tell him that he is with one of the girls and will be a while.. he tells me to write a note and stick it on his window…. I again try to explain things and he keeps interrupting me… so I finally tell him he is doing wages and cannot be interrupted for at least half an hour.. the guy goes ok ill call back in half an hour and hangs up…

I hate when people disrespect you but when they completely ignore what you are trying to tell them and talk over you, by god it pisses me off. How can someone be so rude to another human being.. I get you have something important to talk about but you cannot tell me what to do, you cannot make me feel like utter shit with the way that you talk!!

Anyway it upset me quite a bit and I had to have a little vent!!

2 thoughts on “Disrespected

  1. We all have those days! I try to laugh it off, and even sometimes that doesn’t work! At least you have an outlet like this to vent 🙂 Some people are just difficult 😉

    • I did try to luagh it off but i was so annoyed!! but my bos made it better 🙂 he had a go at the guy and told me if he is rude again i can hang up on him!! some people are very difficult!! 🙂

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