Crafty Letters

This week I got my housemate to stop into Typo (he was working near one) and pick me up some letters for me to decorate. I got him to get one B, M and P. They are the first initials of his, my boyfriends and myself name and I am going to decorate them and stick them up on our bedroom doors!!

The only thing that I am having trouble with is finding what material or crafts I should use to decorate it! I have seen several done with fabric which look good but I am not sure if I wish to use fabric, I was more thinking of getting a 3d effect so using things like beads or jewels to decorate them. The only problem is that I can’t find ones I like!! I went to Spotlight and had a look but didn’t like any and I have jumped on Ebay but cant seem to find any. Another option I was thinking was to wrap twine or string around it as that would be easy to purchase and not too hard to do, I am only worried that I will not get the desired effect that I want!

I also need to remember to stick to our favourite colours! Orange, blue or red and purple!! I was thinking of mixing black in with it all like if I found beads I would mix the colour and black as I know that would give off a great effect!! Now the only thing is finding the bloody beads!!

I have had a look on the internet at other craft letters that people have done and some of them look really nice and since this will be my first time doing it I want it to be perfect!! I guess I will just have to keep my eye out for some material that catches my eye!!


2 thoughts on “Crafty Letters

    • scrapbooking paper would be good and glitter is always great!! I have still been searching for the right beads to use but i think i have to give up on the beads and go with the twine!!

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