Slowly Starting the Fitness Thing

So I have previously posted about getting back into fitness several times and I can tell you that I have finally started!!! It may only be in small increments right now but I am still happy with myself for doing it!!

I have started with 15 minutes each morning on my spin bike and I know that is not much but once I get more motivation I will be on it more and also going outside for a good old run!! To make the time go more quickly I like to read my book whilst I am on the bike and let me tell you it makes the time go even quicker!! I hate just sitting there in your own little world with things going around your mind and all you do is think and think and then you kep looking at how long you have been on the bike and you just go ahhh annoying!!! So that’s why I read my book 🙂

To be honest I could spend more time on the bike but in the morning I don’t have much time to do anything apart from get ready and clean up the mess that the boys leave!!

When I am on the bike I don’t have the resistance set too high as I know my leg strength is shocking and hopefully slowly I will build it up and be able to increase the resistance to a level that’s not embarrassing 😦

I went to buy an arm band to put my iPhone in last night so I can go running with some motivational music! but my boyfriend stopped me and told me not to buy it and after annoying him for a while he finally said ” I got it for you for Christmas ok!” awwww yay lol now I only have a little wait for it!!

So to summarize I will hopefully be able to increase my leg strength on my bike and start pounding the pavement with my running band!!! YAY

Enjoy your exercise!! x

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