The Wolf Whistle


So I was walking down the street running some errands for work when this bloke whistled at me.. I couldn’t decide how I should take it, should I be happy that someone found me to be attractive or should I be offended by it because it is degrading?

One one hand I want to smile at the compliment and feel happy as I don’t always have a good day ( I considered today to be my fat day). So how do you take it? Should you be flattered that someone is looking at you and obviously thinks that you are somewhat attractive if they whistle at you… but then again I think how can you simply do that, all it says it that you are gawking at me in a not nice way, making me feel degraded…

I’ll be honest in giving you my answer to this.. even though in a way yes it is degrading to women, I have to say that I like it. It makes me feel pretty and it honestly will put a smile on my face as I know someone just thought that I looked good! And it is just a whistle, I mean you can’t tell me that girls never looked at guys gawking at their body… I can tell you that I do that, I will look at a guy and think mmmm yeah he’s nice!!

So why do women make a big deal out of it, we do it to guys and we can’t have it both ways! If we are not happy with guys staring at us then we cannot stare at them it is quite simple!!


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