Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

Its Christmas morning and you wake up to see a Christmas stocking sitting at the end of your bed filled to the brim with little goodies!!

Is this you? Do you wake up each Christmas with a sticking at the end of your bed? If you did then you are just like me!! Every year since I can remember my mum has been buying things to put in our stockings so that when we wake up on Christmas we have a smile on our faces seeing the wonderful little things she has gotten us.

My three Brothers and myself all have our own special stocking that mum uses every year, mine is one with a cute little angel on it!! And in this stocking there are always a few pairs of undies (bras and undies in my case) 3 Ferrero Rocher, some socks and then something else!! The undies we always expect but to my brothers who don’t seem to buy any throughout the year they are totally pleased as it means they can throw out there old ones!! I like getting the undies as mum will always spend that little more than what I am willing to spend on myself to get me a nice pair 🙂 The Ferrero Rocher is always there for a little treat for us! And I have to say we all eat them before breakfast! That’s like another little tradition we have 🙂

The next things that go into our stocking ar little things that mum sees that remind her of us! Last year mum gave me a little jewelery box that was in the shape of a shoe and was totally adorable!! She has also put in their nail polishes and some make up and deodorant!! These little things are always a surprise that everyone loves to get!!

With moving out of home I have decided to do a stocking for my boyfriend and housemate and I can say I have loved doing it!! I have a few pairs of undies and socks for them and I have gotten them each a little remote control car to play with (which I hope I wont regret) I know they are going to chase my cat with it or even the dog! But I know they will enjoy it so that will make me happy! I am also thinking of getting a whole heaps of lollies for the house mate as he eats a lot and doesn’t put on any weight (bastard) and for the boyfriend I have no idea what else I want to put in there! But I have to make it something good as he wont be getting his Christmas present till mid January!!

One thing I want to do with the stockings is somehow put their names on it. They are simple generic stockings with santa on it (it’s so hard to find decent stockings) so I want to put their names on it and I was thinking of getting a glitter pen or something like that and writing there names on it. That’s something I really need to look into now since I don’t have much time left!!

So for those of you who don’t do a Christmas stocking, I suggest you give it a try! It will put a big smile on the receivers face and can become a great tradition!


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