Merry Christmas


Well the day has finally arrived, after a restless nights sleep waiting for Santa to drop down the chimney an leave us all a beautiful pile of presents 🙂 it’s Christmas 🙂

This Christmas is different to usual, we are not doing the lunch at my Aunties but instead a breakfast at my mothers house. I woke up early to get ready for the day and after finally waking up the boyfriend an getting him all ready we headed down to my parents and for once we were early!

Once everyone had arrived we did our traditional opening of the stockings which had many little surprises in side! Things like undies, deodorant, make up bags, singlets and a few other little things!


Once that was all done we got straight into opening the presents!!
I had already opened some of my presents from my boyfriend as we had done Christmas with his family on Saturday, I was lucky enough to get some perfume, towels and books and my favourite a Melbourne Victory top!!


Some other amazing things I got was a DVD of True Blood from my brother which is what I wanted! A gift voucher from my other brother and sister in law and some money from mum and dad 🙂

Even though all many people care about is the presents I honestly could not care less about them, I mean yes I enjoy them but what I am happy about is spending time with my family. We ended up having a really nice breakfast with plenty of things to choose from and all of us left with very full stomachs!!

We all had to go different ways to see others that we had plans to see but I was lucky enough to spend the day with my boyfriend curled up together 🙂
I hope you have all had a very Merry and enjoyable Christmas.


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