A New Start in Fitness for 2013


Today after enjoying a lovely day with my family I decided to go for a run when I got home, to try to get a start with the being healthier resolution that I am going to do my best to stick to.

I decided to go to the local soccer pitch and go for a run around it, that way I can keep track of how many laps I can do. Well let me tell you something….. I’m even more un fit than I thought 😦 I couldn’t even run 1km without stopping 😦 but I know with dedication and persistence I will be able to run faster and longer than I have ever been able to.

I know it’s not going to take days but weeks to get myself up to a level that I am satisfied with. None of my training will be for me to loose weight, I am happy with my weight but not with my fitness. So slowly I will hopefully be able to run more laps, run faster and stronger and be happier with my fitness.

There are two ways that I am going to try to increase my fitness and that is with running laps so that I can keep track of my improvement (hopefully) and using my spin bike to alternate on days that I don’t feel like running, so at least I will be doing something instead of nothing!

I am not planning on setting myself any major goals as I know going big will not work for me, so I am going to set my goals in intervals, staring with reaching running 1 full km and going from there. Hopefully with dedication I will be able to get there.

I am also considering joining a boot camp to get some help, motivation and meet some new people 🙂

One thought on “A New Start in Fitness for 2013

  1. Not setting goals is actually the perfect way to do resolutions! Good luck with yours, I sure am jealous you can run outside this time of year. 🙂

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