Fitness & Motivation


I haven’t posted much about my fitness lately so I thought I would update you with the few things that I have been doing and the one realisation I have come to.

 I haven’t been on a run since my last post but I have jumped on my bike and rode for a few k’s here and there and I have also been doing plenty of sit ups and some push ups and have recently started to do squats too. These simple exercises I do at home in my room and usually I just do them till I get to a certain amount but recently I have just been doing them till I can do no more which means I am pushing my body more.

 I have found that using a few fitness apps on my phone helps too, I have several that target the stomach and legs and I simply turn them on and follow them and they are my own little personal trainer. Usually I do a few here and there and then go off and tidy the house and come back and do some more once I have had the slight break.

 One thing that I have realised is that I am better motivated when I am in a group rather than being by myself and in one of my last posts I said I was going to join a boot camp, well  I can no confirm I have signed up for it and my spot is secured! I will start with two days a week for now as my soccer season will start soon so I will have that once a week as well. I figure I shall see how it goes for this first 6 weeks (that’s how long each boot camp lasts) and then see if I should add another day or pick one of the specialised classes like boxing or strength. I hope to continue with the boot camp throughout the year to keep me fit and I know being in a group of 20 will push me more than being on my own. When I am with others and they are relying on me in the group then I push my body harder than I do when I am with myself as I do not wish to let anyone down!

 The first session starts on the 21st January and I cannot wait!!!

 Here’s to a new healthier me!! 🙂


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