I’ve been Running all wrong for so long


Tonight I decided to stay at my parents place and I hadn’t planned on going for going for a run due to it being extremely hot but since my treadmill is at my parents place I decided to go for a quick run since it was a tad cooler inside.

Well let me tell you I learned a lot whilst on my run, usually I don’t think when I run as I get distracted and just end up stopping but this time my mind was racing, racing with everything running.

Ok so here is a list of what I found out:

– don’t run on the treadmill bare feet…. It hurts like hell after a while!!

– I don’t like my hair touching my back when I run

– keep some water near you at all times!

and the most important thing………..

– don’t try to run as fast as you can, pace yourself go as slow or as fast as you can, a speed that you are able to stick to for a long time, you may not think you are going fast but slowly slowly your pace will improve and you will improve on a whole

Following that last dot point I was able to achieve two things I have never been able to do before, one is to run (some would say jog but it is my comfortable running pace) for 20minute none stop and two run for 1.71km none stop. I heave never been able to achieve this before and I am so happy right now it’s not funny!!

So what I say to you if you are starting out is to run at your own comfortable pace and you never know what you can achieve. 

5 thoughts on “I’ve been Running all wrong for so long

  1. Good advice. I always hated running but when I slowed down my pace and just tried to enjoy it I started liking it a lot more.

    • It doesnt matter if you run slow or fast as long as you are doing it at a speed that is comfortable for you thats all that matters. Congrats on doing 14km!!! i know i cant do that much!

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