Rest Day are Important too

Dont forget to take a break

Dont forget to take a break

As much as I am starting to love exercise I am also realising that you cannot do it every day, you need to have a rest day to recover your body.

 I’ll admit I have not been exercising everyday day after day, only every two or so days until I get a good rhythm for it. But what I have realised is that you do need those rest days to rest the sore muscles and prevent any further injury from occurring. As I was running yesterday ( was not motivated at all) I could feel a muscle in my leg telling me that it was sore and needed to rest so today I have decided to have a rest day from running and lower body exercises and concentrate on upper body exercises instead.

 If you feel your muscles telling you something is wrong, that they hurt too much and I don’t just mean the usual burn I mean the hurt that you know if you push yourself even more you will end up doing even more damage and be out for weeks instead of days. That’s why you need to ensure that you do have rest days, that you don’t always concentrate on legs but you switch it up to give them a rest, a chance to recover so that when you get back to it you are back to your top physical condition.

 Doing this will ensure that you don’t injure yourself badly and you will show yourself that you actually know a little something about fitness, that you not just running for the sake of it, you’re doing all this to become healthier and more educated in fitness.

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