Session 1 of Boot Camp

Yesterday was my first ever session of Boot Camp and I only have one thing to say about it…. WOW

 So I turned up a little nervous not knowing anyone or what to expect but still happy and willing to be there. After following the signs to my groups outside area I stood around with a few of the girls and guy and listened to them chatter for a little bit. I could tell they knew each other and had been to one of the boot camps before as they were talking about previous ones and how good they were. When everyone had arrived our trainer Grace went through the standard emergency exits and how the boot camp would be run.

 There are 10 stations all up and everyone is to pair up at each station (there are usually 20 camp goers) each station will go for at least one minute then you would do 10 high knees to the next station and continue till you get round and just keep on going! In the middle of going to the next station Grace would call out different things for us to do like burpees or star jumps and we would have to do as many as she had stated before we moved on to the next station. There was also times when she would say we are doing a double which is basically we do the station for double the time, this usually occurred if someone was lazy and started there station late or talked back or simply because Grace wanted it to be a double!

 Now on to the actual stations, the first one was Squat Kicks which is a simple squat then a kick on your way back to the starting position. After that was Walking Lunges which is exactly what it is do lunges whilst walking! Then was Bear Crawls which I had never heard of! But you are basically in a crawling position on your hands and feet and keeping your bum down you crawl along the ground! After that was Jumping Squats or Squat Jacks ( I can’t remember the proper name) you would go down into a half squat and then jump moving your legs apart then in together (felt unco doing these). Next was good old Burpees!! After that was Rowing with a weighted bar, then Push ups and Skipping and after that Ab Swings (again not sure on the name) you were sitting down with your feet off the ground and a medicine ball moving from side to side. And last was scissor swings which had you lying on your last with your feet straight in the air and brining one down whilst keeping the other as straight as possible and then switching.

 For me the time flew past, for others not so much. But all I can say is I felt the burn!!! I was sweating so much and I knew I had had a good workout and cannot wait till Thursday for my next one!

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