Session 2 of Boot Camp

I had my second session of boot camp last Thursday ( sorry of the delay in posting). It was a hot 37 degrees that day and I was hoping that it would cool down by the time 7.30pm came but unfortunately it only got down to 34 😦

I knew it was going to be a tuff session 1 because of the heat and 2 because I was still so sore from the first boot camp!! But I also knew that no matter what the weather I was going to give it my all and get through the night!

We did a different 10 station circuit this time with exercises that I have to say I never knew about! We did things like bull frog which is when you jump forward and when you land you go down into a lunge, then we had mountain climbers and push ups  star crunches and pull ups, curtesies and step ups and hand taps.

I had a few issues with my neck and shoulders when doing the push ups and I needed to stretch quite a bit to help me get through the exercises as it was very very painful for me. But I did push on and completed the circuit a few times along with the exercises we had to do in between and the burpees we had to do when someone stupidly said that they can’t do something!

I was still saw the day after in both my neck and shoulders so I took the boyfriend to get a message to help with the stiffness and all I can say is OMG did it hurt!!! But ultimately I do feel good now and I think to help me get through this boot camp I am going to have to get a message almost every week depending on what the exercises are that we do.

But no matter what I will push on and try to improve myself and better myself for the year ahead!

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