Got a new phone – iPhone 5

Last week I went to my local Optus store to see when my plan was going to run out as i wasnt too happy with what I was on. Thankfully it was only 3 months from running out and the guy let me upgrade my plan manly because I was going to be getting a new phone with it too!!

I have wondered about the iPhone 5 and how different it is from the rest and since I have been using it I have realised something…. it’s not that different! I mean yeah its slimmer and longer but apart from that its a same old iPhone!! nothing too exciting and not worth waiting in line for hours like all those people did when it was released!!

Usually when I get a new phone I get all excited and play with it for ages but since I could simply back up my old phone and sync the new one there was nothing fun about it!!

So if you are thinking of buying the iPhone 5 like buying it outright I wouldn’t really do it! could think of a lot more things to spend my money on!!!


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