Nervous – Training

Tonight I have the first training session with the Soccer Club I wish to join this year and I am super nervous!!!

The old team that I used to play with didn’t have trials or anything like that, it was pretty much you rock up and you get a spot on the team… there was only about 16 girls so we all got to play at some point. But this new club that I am going to try for actually has trials!!!

I have never before trialed to play soccer before! I am so nervous as I don’t know how I will go or what to expect to be honest! They have a few women’s teams going this year, the usual Premier Teams ( no way could I get into them, but it would be a dream if I did) and then they have either a State 3 or State 4 team, they are unsure which but they know they will have one team at least and if more girls show up then they could have a few teams!

So tonight at 6.30 I will go to down to the ground and nervously look around to try to find the women’s training and then try to talk to a few of the girls to get myself more comfortable and then wait and see what the coaches tell us to do! I am assuming they will explain how things will be done, like I know they will have 3 or 4 training sessions then everyone can apply for their position and then they either get accepted or rejected!

Well that’s what I think happens… I could be wrong!

I’m hoping my nervous will go away as right now they are giving me a stomach ache 😦

Wish me luck!!

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