Soccer Training


A little while ago I posted about how I was going to train at a new club for the first time in many years and I thought I might give you an update on how things are going!

Well I have been training with them for about a month now and let me say straight out how much fun I am having 🙂 There are about 11 girls who train for the side and more will be available once the selection is made.

Ok let me give you a little spiel about the team selection, so my club has a Premier Womens team and a Premier Womens Reserve team and then they have us (we don’t know if we are state 3 or 4). In the next week the selections will be made and those who don’t make it in the Premier team will go down to the Reserve team and those who don’t make it in that will come down to our team, now if they don’t get selected for their prefered team it does not automatically mean they get into the next team, it is up to the coach to make that decision as it would be unfair to pick someone from say the reserves to play on my team and leave someone who’s been training all the time with my team out (does that make sence??)

So hopefully next week the teams will be selected and after that we should know what state we are in and from there we will be training our butts off to become a great team 🙂

The girls that I am training with have a range of different skill sets and a range of experience. Some of the girls are a bit new to the sport but there skills are rather good  so it is just the experience that we need to teach them, which wont be too hard to do.

What I think of the team as a whole….. well I think we are actually in for a shot! Even though we have not trained together before we actually seem to mould rather well and our passing has been amazing and we back each other up (which is vital).

So hopefully next week I will be able to post about how I made it into the team!! (secretly I think I already have!!)

I will also be doing another post hopefully soon about my position that play and whats going on there!

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