About Me

My name is Petra and I am a young 20 something lost in the world and lost in life. There are so many different things about me that my mind will be racing day in and day out so that’s why I have this blog to be able to post things about what interests me at the time and what’s going on in my life.

So if you couldn’t tell I’m a very confusing person 🙂 but maybe I should start with a few simple things about me! 

 As I said my name is Petra and I am the youngest and only girl of 4 siblings, I have recently moved out with my boyfriend and his friend to experience what it’s like to be independent and to see if I really can live my life without the support of my parents (even though no matter what they will always be supporting me). 

I am not the most active person though I am trying to change that! I do play football or soccer to some people and I was lucky enough to be the vice captain of my team two years running, I love the sport and hope to be playing it for many years to come!

I have a cat with whom I am totally in love with and some may say obsessed with!! But to be honest I don’t care what they say as I love my little boy Sylvester and if you knew him you’d love him too!! 

Iv been blogging for a little while but only recently have I started to really get into it. Just like with arts and crafts, I always liked crafts but never even thought to try it for myself but slowly I am realizing I do enjoy it in my spare time 
So that is a little about me, I can be weird and wonderful but it’s me and at the be if the day we have to be happy with ourselves!!

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