Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

Its Christmas morning and you wake up to see a Christmas stocking sitting at the end of your bed filled to the brim with little goodies!! Continue reading

Crafty Letters

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More than a little Crafty!

I had another attempt at DIY bracelets the other day and let me tell you I had a ball!!! I ordered all the things I needed online through eBay (through an Aus store) ans sat down to get to work!! I ended up making 3 bracelets which all are very simple and soon I hope to move onto a different style and branch out a bit! Continue reading

Crafty Attempt Number 1

Previously I have posted about being more of a crafty person and how I wanted to try to make a bracelet and see how I liked it and if that was what I wanted to do in my spare time. Well yesterday I finally had all (I should say most) of the materials I needed and the time to sit down and have a go! Continue reading

Lost in the World

So I came to an abrupt realization this morning….. I’m lost. Lost in my life wondering what it is I wish to do or what I want to do…. I used to think I knew what I wanted in life and who I wanted to be, but now I find myself thinking… I have no idea who I am or what it is I want. Continue reading

The Craftsman Within

I have never been much of a crafty person, well not actually doing projects but I have always liked or wanted to do some crafty things but have never done them and honestly I don’t know why! So I have decided that I want to actually attempt some DIY crafts! Continue reading