I look good today… dont I??

Today I woke up in the morning rather happy, I got dressed and looked at myself thinking hmm I look rather nice today 🙂
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The Wolf Whistle


So I was walking down the street running some errands for work when this bloke whistled at me.. I couldn’t decide how I should take it, should I be happy that someone found me to be attractive or should I be offended by it because it is degrading? Continue reading

More than a little Crafty!

I had another attempt at DIY bracelets the other day and let me tell you I had a ball!!! I ordered all the things I needed online through eBay (through an Aus store) ans sat down to get to work!! I ended up making 3 bracelets which all are very simple and soon I hope to move onto a different style and branch out a bit! Continue reading

Needs vs Wants

OMG I saw this totally cute pair of shoes that I totally and utterly need like OMG I need them right now!!! Continue reading