Cautious Kitty

It has been a week since I moved Sylvester into the house and I was very much afraid that he would not settle in as he is a very fussy cat!
But I am happy to say that he is a lot more settled than what I had thought! He is still scared of loud noises and he has his few hiding places that he loves to run to (under my bedside table is his favorite), but all in all he is finding himself comfortable in his new home 🙂 Continue reading

Play With Me

Every morning I wake up and have my usual routine of breakfast, having a shower and doing my make up and ever since I got my little kitty almost a year ago he has added a new element to my routine……. Continue reading

My mornings

My mornings always consist of the usual struggle to get out of bed, have breakfast and shower and get dressed. But when I’m in my room doing my hair or getting dressed my little boy is always sitting on the bed keeping me company.


This is him this morning under my blankets keeping warm whilst his mum (me) gets ready. It always makes me smile having him next to me, I love him with all my heart xx