Treat Yourself

Treat yourself :)

Treat yourself 🙂

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Lost in the World

So I came to an abrupt realization this morning….. I’m lost. Lost in my life wondering what it is I wish to do or what I want to do…. I used to think I knew what I wanted in life and who I wanted to be, but now I find myself thinking… I have no idea who I am or what it is I want. Continue reading


There are so many temptations at my work in regards to junk food and the other day my boss brought in a container full of Maltesers and I have not been able to stop eating them! They are so darn addictive and I need help to stop eating them!!

I am trying to be healthy and eat my carrots and dip but they are sitting there just calling my name…. calling me over…. telling me to EAT THEM!!! 😦 Continue reading

Always wanted to!!

Haven’t you always wanted to wear trackies to work just so that you can be comfortable instead of wearing your nice skirt and shirt to be dressed all corporate like……..

Well today I actually get to wear trackies to work!! It’s stupid but something I have always wanted tot do and today I get to do it!! Yay lol

Our whole system will be offline today so were doing simple duties and then going out for lunch!!

man I love my job!!