My Biggest Insecurity Ever

Well I am about to write about my biggest insecurity EVER and when I say big i mean this is what stops me from doing a lot of things…. this is what stops me from being confident… this is something that affects me everyday some days more than others but it is still a major thing that affects my life……. Continue reading

Why do you Blog??

This is the question I have been wondering for a while now….. Why do people Blog? Why do I Blog?

Well I can surely tell you why I blog but as to why others do it I have several thoughts as to why but I mean I guess I wont really know unless you tell me… Continue reading

The Start of a New Life

A few months ago I started the whole process of looking for a new house to live in with a friend and my boyfriend, it was a totally new experience for me as i have never lived out of home.. but the boyfriend asked if I wanted to move with him and to be honest it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I never believed he would asked me to live with him, i honestly never expected it but it made me so happy that I started searching right away.

I jumped on and began my search for a home for us to live in and after many many searches, saving for the bond and finding someone else to move in with us we finally found a place that fit our criteria to a T!!

I can happily say that as of yesterday afternoon we were finally accepted into the home that we applied for!! I was so happy that I called my boyfriend right away to tell him the good news! He was happy too though not as happy as I was/am!!

Now we have the awesome job of getting the Bond and Rent together to pay the agent and then on Saturday we go to out local Ray White Office found here – – to sign the final documents and then we get the keys to our new rental home!!

I cannot truly express how happy yet nervous I am over this 🙂

our new life awaits

Inspection Time!

So I went to my first house inspection yesterday for a house to move out to and I thought 4 bedroom 2 bathroom place would be nice! I had to take time off work to go see this place so I was hoping it would be good!!

Well…… The house was horrible 😦 it was an older house which I don’t really mind but I mean it has to be at least taken care of and let me tell you this place had not been taken care of at all!! it was filthy, I mean I know you can clean up the house and all that but wouldn’t you do that before you had people come in for an inspection? I mean that’s what I would hae done! Anyways even though it was dirty it was so small, I mean the rooms were as tiny as one of the offices at my work!! and that was the main bedroom!! and the other rooms where even smaller 😦 oh and don’t even get me started on the kitchen!! it was so small I really don’t know how anyone could ever have cooked a meal there!!

But anyways that’s only one house and I am sure that there will be more out there that suit my needs!! here hoping the one on Saturday will be a lot better!! 🙂

Wish me luck xx