Soccer Training


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Nervous – Training

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It Just Wasn’t Meant For Us

So there was a house that my Boyfriend went to see last week that he loved  and when he told me about it I fell in love  with it too!! It was 4 bedrooms tiled in all rooms apart from 2 bedrooms, was brand spanking new and it was only about 5 minutes down the road from a soccer pitch!! (We both love soccer)

Well we were waiting back to hear from the real estate and she was meant to call us on Wednesday but I hadn’t heard from her, so I called her yesterday and she was with a client so I left a message to call me back……. well the day dragged on and I hadn’t heard anything and just as I was about to leave work I thought hmmm lets just check my Hotmail and see if she emailed me ……… and she emailed saying that the landlord didn’t accept our application 😦 I was shattered 😦

Now we have to look for some more places and on Saturday I am actually going to 9 yes that’s right 9 open houses!! Dont ask me how I am going to see them all but hopefully at least one will tickle my fancy!!

Wish me luck as ill need it!

Presentation Night

Well the other night was my Soccer Presentation night and let me tell you it was a night I wouldn’t forget!!!

Let me start with a few of the good memories! Well firstly I got to wear a stunning dress that my boyfriend chose and bought for me! I got to see him dressed in nice suit pants and a black shirt! This was kind of only the second time we have been both dressed up really nice and I finally got a photo of us (I just have to get it off the guy who took it). It was so good to see my girls again I hadn’t seen them since the season ended which im really bummed 😦 but a few of them said we needed to catch up more so hopefully I shall see them more!

Everyone in the team got given a trophy for participating and we also got a medal for finishing Second on the ladder, would have been first but a stupid team beat us by like 2 points, long story behind that!! Apart from that we had the golden boot (I will never win as i am a defender, but I have scored before!) we had MVP ( most valuable player), that went to a girl who only started playing this year and she is AMAZING!! The next award was Coaches award which went to a new girl too, she had improved so much throughout the season and never complained about a thing! Then we had the Best and Fairest awards, the girl who won MVP won that too but guess who was the Runner up!!!!!????


ME!!! Thats right I won Runner up Best and Fairest!! and I was not expecting it at all!! I wasnt even paying that much attention when my coach read out my name I was so shocked!!

I still can’t believe it and I have such a smile on my face! Even telling the guys at work im so happy 🙂 usually I hate being the person going I did this and I did that but today I cant help it!!


Runner Up Best & Fairest Win

Grand Final

Well today is game day!! Hawthorn vs Sydney……
But to be honest I don’t care!! I don’t really like football and if it was up to me I wouldn’t even watch the game!
But the boyfriend invited me to his dads place to have a BBQ and being with him will make watching the game enjoyable.
But I think I should pay a little bit of attention to the game and learn some of the rules since the bf does play football and I’m gunna be watching him next year so knowing the rules would help!!

Go Swans!!!