The Child Within

On Friday night the boyfriend and I ventured out to the shops to pick up a few things for the house and we eventually found ourselves in Target in the toy section looking at Nerf Guns!! Now this was not on our list of things to buy but the child within us kept telling us that we had to buy these toys and go home and start attackingĀ each other and our house mate! Continue reading

Grand Final

Well today is game day!! Hawthorn vs Sydney……
But to be honest I don’t care!! I don’t really like football and if it was up to me I wouldn’t even watch the game!
But the boyfriend invited me to his dads place to have a BBQ and being with him will make watching the game enjoyable.
But I think I should pay a little bit of attention to the game and learn some of the rules since the bf does play football and I’m gunna be watching him next year so knowing the rules would help!!

Go Swans!!!