It Just Wasn’t Meant For Us

So there was a house that my Boyfriend went to see last week that he loved  and when he told me about it I fell in love  with it too!! It was 4 bedrooms tiled in all rooms apart from 2 bedrooms, was brand spanking new and it was only about 5 minutes down the road from a soccer pitch!! (We both love soccer)

Well we were waiting back to hear from the real estate and she was meant to call us on Wednesday but I hadn’t heard from her, so I called her yesterday and she was with a client so I left a message to call me back……. well the day dragged on and I hadn’t heard anything and just as I was about to leave work I thought hmmm lets just check my Hotmail and see if she emailed me ……… and she emailed saying that the landlord didn’t accept our application 😦 I was shattered 😦

Now we have to look for some more places and on Saturday I am actually going to 9 yes that’s right 9 open houses!! Dont ask me how I am going to see them all but hopefully at least one will tickle my fancy!!

Wish me luck as ill need it!


So Many Questions!!

So i am applying for several houses now and let me tell you if you havent applied for a rental property before well OMG there are so many bloody questions you have to answer!! So much information you have to give and when filling it out for someone else there is so much to ask and it takes so bloody long!!! But on the plus side it means I get to move out sooooo yay for me!! ;p

so many questions that it hurts my head 😦

Well were not going to move out in the original area that I had hoped 😦 but we came to a compromise and the suburb we are moving to I am very happy with and the houses we have looked at are so bloody BEAUTIFUL!!!! They are bigger than what we were originally looking at cos now with the 3 of us we have increased the price slightly but still affordable!! So now we get a bigger Prettier house which I am totally cool with!

Well that was just a quick update for you and hopefully soon I will be able to say we have been accepted into a place!! That would be totally AMAZING!!


Well there comes a time in everyone’s life when it is time to move out of home!! And I have decided (along with my boyfriend) to move out of home!!

I have never lived out of home before so I am very nervous as I know there are plenty of things that I relied on my parents for that I am going to have to do all by my self! Things like paying the bills, doing the grocery shopping, cooking cleaning and a whole lot more!!

Now we have to be out by the start of october as the boyfriends parents are travelling Australia and renting their place out so he will have no place to live 😦 But don’t worry as i have been searching everyday to find a nice house for us to live in! Currently we are looking for a simple 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home and hopefully something with a bit of a yard as we are bringing a little jack russel with us!!

We were going to move out with one of my friends but unfortunately that fell through 😦 but now luckily one of the bf’s friends has decided he would like to move out too so he would like to move out with us! (this will make paying the bills easier!!) The only problem is that he wants to move closer to the city and i prefer the Northern suburbs!! so we have to try to find something in the middle that we will both be happy with!! The other problem is that i have looked for the areas that he likes and unfortunately with our price range there does not seem to be many places out there that suit our parameters 😦

On the plus side I am going to see a house tomorrow in the area that i wish to live in 🙂 so if that house is nice than maybe we will move there and maybe it will just be the bf and myself which would be good but I mean I wouldn’t mind having someone else to help out!

One thing I have loved doing is shopping for things for the house!!! I have so many things on lay by at Target it’s not funny!!! I have towels and sheets and a mattress protector and lots more!! We have been very lucky with items for the house as the bf’s parents are giving us a lot of things from their house so we don’t have to worry about the bigger items such as a fridge and bed and all that!!

Time to look for more houses and hopefully find something everyone will be happy with!! I’ll do my best to keep those who actually read this updated!!