The Wolf Whistle


So I was walking down the street running some errands for work when this bloke whistled at me.. I couldn’t decide how I should take it, should I be happy that someone found me to be attractive or should I be offended by it because it is degrading? Continue reading

My Biggest Insecurity Ever

Well I am about to write¬†about my biggest insecurity EVER and when I say big i mean this is what stops me from doing a lot of things…. this is what stops me from being confident… this is something that affects me everyday some days more than others but it is still a major thing that affects my life……. Continue reading

New Dress!!!

So i went to Kmart today looking for a pair of shoes to go with a dress i am wearing to my Soccer presentation and i ended up leaving with this cute little blue dress that i found for $15!!! 

It is so cute and perfect for the hot weather!! And who says you have to spend alot of money to get something cute!!! all i need to do is add a belt and it will be perfect!


There it is!! my cute little dress (sorry for the poor quality photo)