I look good today… dont I??

Today I woke up in the morning rather happy, I got dressed and looked at myself thinking hmm I look rather nice today 🙂
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It Just Wasn’t Meant For Us

So there was a house that my Boyfriend went to see last week that he loved  and when he told me about it I fell in love  with it too!! It was 4 bedrooms tiled in all rooms apart from 2 bedrooms, was brand spanking new and it was only about 5 minutes down the road from a soccer pitch!! (We both love soccer)

Well we were waiting back to hear from the real estate and she was meant to call us on Wednesday but I hadn’t heard from her, so I called her yesterday and she was with a client so I left a message to call me back……. well the day dragged on and I hadn’t heard anything and just as I was about to leave work I thought hmmm lets just check my Hotmail and see if she emailed me ……… and she emailed saying that the landlord didn’t accept our application 😦 I was shattered 😦

Now we have to look for some more places and on Saturday I am actually going to 9 yes that’s right 9 open houses!! Dont ask me how I am going to see them all but hopefully at least one will tickle my fancy!!

Wish me luck as ill need it!

Inspection Time!

So I went to my first house inspection yesterday for a house to move out to and I thought 4 bedroom 2 bathroom place would be nice! I had to take time off work to go see this place so I was hoping it would be good!!

Well…… The house was horrible 😦 it was an older house which I don’t really mind but I mean it has to be at least taken care of and let me tell you this place had not been taken care of at all!! it was filthy, I mean I know you can clean up the house and all that but wouldn’t you do that before you had people come in for an inspection? I mean that’s what I would hae done! Anyways even though it was dirty it was so small, I mean the rooms were as tiny as one of the offices at my work!! and that was the main bedroom!! and the other rooms where even smaller 😦 oh and don’t even get me started on the kitchen!! it was so small I really don’t know how anyone could ever have cooked a meal there!!

But anyways that’s only one house and I am sure that there will be more out there that suit my needs!! here hoping the one on Saturday will be a lot better!! 🙂

Wish me luck xx