Play With Me

Every morning I wake up and have my usual routine of breakfast, having a shower and doing my make up and ever since I got my little kitty almost a year ago he has added a new element to my routine…….

Once I have done my make up and entered my room my cat follows me in, jumps on the bed and starts rolling around like mad letting out little meows telling me he wishes to play!!
So every morning I wrap my dressing gown around my hand and start the cute little game of ‘bite the shit out of mummy’s hand’ it’s a fun yet painful game which often leaves me with little scratches all up my arm!!
But I wouldn’t stop playing with him for anything! Even if it means I will be running late I will still play with him a he is so cute when he plays and if I don’t be will non stop sook at me till I do!!

My little boy has become a part of my life, a part I never wish to loose.



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